Mask at workshop


We get asked on a regular basis if we do courses and the answer is yes – we do! We do many different types of courses related to special effects and creative building.

Individual courses:

Done for artists, makeup artists, or other creative people who desire an individual introduction to a material or technique. Some samples are: Prosthetic makeup application. Flocking (acrylic hair transfer) course. Casting and mold making.

Creature designs from Jordu Schell course

More designs from Jordu Schell course

Student work from Jordu Schell Creature design master class

School courses:

Material introduction course: A one or two day course where your students are introduced to a large number of different materials for creative building. The main focus is to inspire your students and show possible uses. A big favorite amongst students at creative schools. Not a hands-on course

Mask making course: Students are introduced to different ways of making masks. A 5 day course with hands-on training.

Molding and casting course: A 5 day courses introducing various molding and casting materials. This is a hands-on course.

Material/ Technique specific courses: We can give courses in specific materials or techniques: for example airbrushing with make-up or silicone painting, Flocking with flocking machines or prosthetic application.

Employees upgrade courses:

We also tailor specific courses to groups or individuals who want an upgrade and skills they already use. For instance a make-up department wanting to upgrade to casting their own silicone and foam pieces.

Baby making course

Baby making course for Killen theater technicians in Norway 2014

Master class:

Every now and then we also invite foreign teachers to hold a master class at our facilities. But these are more expensive courses as we have to cover the flight, hotel, facilities and teacher expenses.

Jordu course

Sculptor Jordu Schell holding a masterclass on Creature design in 2010